What Are Overdentures? Answers Your Common Questions

Missing teeth aren’t just an issue when it comes to how confident you are in your appearance. Teeth play a huge role in how you speak, chew your food, and even how your face looks.

Patients dealing with missing teeth often deal with several side effects, such as sunken facial features, bone loss, and more.

If you’re looking to replace your missing teeth, modern dentistry provides many great solutions. In this article, you can get the answers to your most common questions about a common tooth replacement option:


What Are Overdentures?

Overdentures (also called snap-in or snap-on dentures) are a type of dental prosthetic designed to help patients with severe tooth loss or dental damage get a healthy and beautiful smile.

The word "denture" is often unappealing to patients since it’s associated with fake-looking teeth and very uncomfortable prosthetics. However, modern dentures are nothing like that. 

They look natural and provide patients with a comfortable solution to replace their teeth.

How Do Overdentures Work?

Snap-in dentures are customized to suit your specific size and even smile expectations. A dentist will take scans of your mouth to create the dentures. 

At Carolina Pines Dentistry, Dr. Wingler relies on 3D imaging for even more accurate results.

So far, the process is identical to getting regular dentures. But a key difference is that snap-in dentures will require getting dental implants inserted into the jaw bone. The dentures will be attached directly to the implants. 

Because of this process, overdentures are a lot more stable and won’t become loose over time.

Are Overdentures Comfortable? 

Overdentures are very comfortable, though they will require a bit of adjustment.

First off, overdentures are more comfortable than regular dentures. Because they’re fixed to dental implants, patients can speak and chew their food without fearing they will fall out.

The prosthetic is also made based on your specific measurements to ensure it sits comfortably. You’ll be able to "test" them and see if they are a good fit, or ask for some adjustments.

Still, overdentures can feel strange in the beginning, especially if you’ve had missing teeth for a long time. But most patients get used to them in a matter of days.

Are Overdentures Removable?

Yes, overdentures are easy to remove, offering patients a simple way to clean their mouth and the prosthetic. Unlike regular dentures, patients can sleep with their overdentures in.

If you want a fixed solution, all-on-four implants might be more suitable. Here, the dentures are permanently attached on top of the dental implants.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Overdentures? 

If you have severe dental damage and healthy bones, overdentures are likely a good option for you. 

However, the best way to know for sure is to see Dr. Shane Wingler for a consultation. 

Request a visit to Carolina Pines Dentistry online or call us at (336) 248-5057.

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